So where are the trucks?

No, seriously there are no trucks. We don't have tables either. You can order ahead online or order inside on our kiosk. We encourage you to come inside to pickup your food (+ free treat) or get delivery!

Why is it called Ghost Truck?

We call it Ghost Truck because like ghosts, our trucks do not physically exist. It's just a fun way to navigate our awesome options while giving us the freedom to be creative and seasonal. 

Are you on Grubhub/Uber Eats/Etc?

Yes butttttttt SMALL BUSINESS ALERT! 3rd Party services take between 20%-30% of EVERY order. Please order through us here. We have cheaper delivery fees, only a $10 minimum, and offer easy to use loyalty points!

Are you local-organic-farm to yada yada yada?

Of course! We work extremely hard to find the best raw ingredients (local when possible) to create our dishes but we don't like to brag about it. We just think that's the way it should be.

Do you have loyalty inside your DNA?

You know this! Join our loyalty program to get rewards for being a "regular". Regulars that order ahead for pick up get a free treat!

Can my dog come inside?

We wish! But the health code doesn't allow for dogs inside. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Simply ring our intercom, and one of our team members will bring your food outside or take your order.

Do you cater?

Of course! We love to feed small offices, large offices, co-working spaces, and events. All catering orders must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Call us to talk minimums, packages, and custom menus developed by our team for special events. 

Why don't you deliver to my address?

Because you live too far away. But send us a message and maybe we can make it happen for you.  

Can I order a gift card?

The better question is, why haven't you already? Surprise a co-worker, splurge on a friend, support your neighborhood small business!